Of Course I’m Not Going To Read The Bill – I Don’t Understand It

Delaware must be so proud.

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Rep. Tom Carper (D-DE) explains in this video why he won’t read the bill – “it’s hard to decipher what it means”.

“For example, credit card disclosures – do you actually read this stuff?”

“That’s one of the reasons why we’ve directed among others, banks, to use plain language – plain english to explain what they’re doing so that the jibberish – you know – you can’t read it and really know what it says”

Rep. Carper, just based on the statements and direct “quotes” from the health care bill (H.R. 3200) that were made at Town Hall Meetings all over the Country by regular ‘ole citizens – it’s obvious that many Americans can indeed read and comprehend difficult legislation. Further, they should be given the opportunity to do so. It’s OUR legislation and we have a right to know what’s in this legislation BEFORE you vote on this.

I’ll tell you what Rep. Carper – send me the bill – give me a couple of days and I’ll sit down with you and explain it to you. C’mon it will be fun, I’ll even invite some friends ;o)

Additionally, if Congress can direct the banks (among others) to us plain language why can’t the Congress direct Congress to use plain language????????? The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Ten Commandments are very clear and enduring documents – written in plain language.

I’m not sure if Carper is REALLY honest or REALLYdumb. This is the same man that last week put the Administration and Congress on blast for going back on their “secret negotiations” with Pharma. Via Firedog Lake:

In a stunning moment during the Senate Finance Committee markup Sen. Tom Carper defended a secret deal that the White House, Baucus, and PhRMA had reached. The White House has long denied the deal. Carper publicly acknowledges that part of the deal was that PhRMA would run millions of dollars worth of campaign ads in support of health care reform.

According to Carper the “golden rule” in Congress is that secret back room deals in exchange for advertising buys must be honored. 

Geez, he would have never lasted in Chicago…………….


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