Rooting Against America?

Yes, I rooted for Chicago to lose the Olympic bid. I was rooting for the Chicago majority that didn’t want the Olympics in their town – rooting for the citizens that need money spent on their protection – not a photo op for Obama in 2016.

Does this mean I was rooting against America? Of course not.

It seems the Democrats don’t agree. Via Politico:

But the joyous reaction in some GOP quarters to the International Olympics Committee’s snub of Chicago — coupled with the party’s rapid-fire reaction to bad economic data – has some Democrats turning the tables and asking if Republicans are the ones cheering against America now.

Many Democrats saw the outbursts following the IOC decision – the merry Tweets, videos of cheering conservatives and chest-thumping by party leaders like Newt Gingrich — as part of larger pattern that includes the flirtation of right-wing Texans like Gov. Rick Perry with secession and the caustic tone of right-wing talk radio, embodied by Rush Limbaugh’s “I want him to fail” comment about Obama in January.

Wake up Democrats. It is NEVER un-American to back the will of the majority of American citizens. My questions:

  • Why were you supporting the Olympics if Chicagoans didn’t want it?
  • Why are you not supporting the will of the people?
  • Were you supporting Chicago or Obama?

It seems to me that the Chicagoans that did not support the Olympics in their city should be thanking the Republicans – for supporting them.



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8 responses to “Rooting Against America?

  1. gloucesterontheditch

    That is some seriously lame liberal ideology, to make a story out of what never happened. More partisan hatred from the mass of the inept.

    The old idea about the bell curve and normal distribution, half above and half below IQ deal–there is a reason why liberals are to the left of center.

    Granted, you find outliers in samples but the leftist leadership is sort of branded by their choices of schools. There was a story recently about Harvard’s ‘gentleman’s C’ suggesting that you could matriculate through the system and get some kind of a B.A. degree just for showing up for four years.

    Algore reminds of that ‘gentleman’s C’ arrangement. Say what you will, that man does not command intelligence. Sheesh, even ole DeadTed could not hack it at Harvard, caught twice cheating and expelled. And Al-Franken? Yeah, Harvard is not big on drop outs, it would seem.

    Law schools must have some problems, similarly. There are a lot of lawyers in Congress or has-been lawyers is more likely. Some of these folks are just not there. How they managed to get through the system is exactly that, it is a system.

    Think about J’Obiden. This doofus was teaching wrong information as an adjunct idiot in Delaware. The man is frightfully mediocre.

    Then, you get Clinton. Outlying outliers! Bubba has one hell of a memory and Bubba ain’t dumb. He has used what he has for his own advantage.

    Roughly speaking, I think of Democrats as often poorly educated and average IQ folks. They cater to an inferior blend of culture though not necessarily to insist they have lower IQ, just that they are poorly educated.

    You know who was an unpretentious Harvard good guy–yes, there are more than a few good guys–John Lithgow was Harvard but did not mention that on his resume as he came along. He made his way on his talent, not his pedigree.

    Howard Dean? Go figure, an MD and meaner than Patrick Leahy–who might actually still be a bit of a lawyer.

    Republicans, which I am NOT anymore, are not against America. Conservatives are against liberalism and this administration is an enemy of the United States. There can be no subtlety about it. Democrats are subversive enemies to prosperity, liberty and state’s autonomy.

  2. gloucesterontheditch

    “Wow, you’re on a roll today ”

    Yeah, Mondays, what can you do? I woke up just before 04:00, had a bad dream that my auto insurance had lapsed and it was going to cost an extortious amount to get insurance again.

    The worst of it was that I was in a car dealership when I found out and the sales manager looked like that Guliani’s bud, disgraced NYC Police Chief Bernard Kerik!

    Sure glad Algore was not involved.

    That’s why they call it Stormy Monday. Tuesday’s also bad 🙂

  3. speakmymindblog

    So, Wednesday must really be ‘hump day’ for you – lol

  4. gloucesterontheditch

    They call it stormy monday
    But tuesdays just as bad.
    They call it stormy monday
    But tuesdays just as bad.
    Lord, and wednesdays worse
    And thursdays all so sad.

    Behold, the sun is shining on Gloucester this day. I should make a documentary in the Ken Burns tradition, replete with funding from PBS 🙂

    Egads, the very stigma of PBS, tawdry, unclean, not wholesome! May the world never suffer the voice of Robert Seagull a moment more.

    ACORN was on heck of roll for a couple of years if the embezzlement has increased from a paltry $1 million to a frolicsome $5 million. There sure would be a lot of audit trails leading to that much Chump Change.

    There is an old fashioned law on the books about transfers of $10,000 that banks have to account for. Surely the AG of Louisiana won’t overlook an abundant harvest opportunity?

  5. gloucesterontheditch

    I was a bit troubled by Louisiana’s AG comment today pertinent to expiration of some statute of limitations on the Rathke embezzlement scam.

    This case needs to be handled on a federal level by US Attorneys in a comprehensive manner. Statutes of limitations on IRS frauds do not begin to toll on various classes of federal tax law violations until various actions cause the violation to begin the toll. The statutes automatically renew under most circumstances unless the defendant accomplishes specific procedures to stop them.

    I am confident that the La. AG was speaking for his own venue and limitations. His contributions to the case being developed against the Rathke’s and ACORN, et al. have been a huge contribution, he has earned accolades and feathers for his cap!

    All things on balance, this week is coming along nicely in respect of hauling in the reigns on Obama, the liberal establishment and even the media blushing at their own outlandish foolishness.

    Obama’s NAMBLA czar, KJ the very queer, should be back in some Chicago neighborhood soon. I understand the south side is a tolerant, diverse and accomodating neighborhood.