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FEMA Grant To ACORN – Frozen

As I reported on September 12, 2009;

Why has FEMA paid The Acorn Institute $1.4 Million in grants since August 2008?

Paid 8/29/08 – Fiscal Year 2007 = $450,484 

Paid 9/04/09 – Fiscal Year 2008 – $997,402 (only 6 grants were issued for more money than ACORN – out of 220 grants)

According to the FEMA website the purpose of these grants are:

The purpose of the Fire Prevention and Safety Grants is to fund Fire Prevention and Research and Development activities.  Fire Prevention Grant Activities are designed to reach high-risk target groups and mitigate incidences of deaths and injuries caused by fire and fire-related hazards.  Research and Development Grant Activities are aimed at improvements to firefighter health and safety.

It is being reported by Fox News that the funds related to the 2009 grant have been frozen.


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If Bankers Had Just Listened To ACORN

We wouldn’t be in this financial crisis.

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ACORN Threw Out Republican Voter Registrations

Via Atlas Shrugs:

In February of 2009 Fathiyyah Muhammad of Jacksonville, Florida, heard that ACORN was paying three dollars for each vote you could register. Fatiyyah claims she registered voters for Acorn there (at three dollars each), but that the group threw out her votes and fired her when she brought them GOP registrations.

It’s hard to know if this story is real. I’m hoping that Atlas at least saw some kind of documentation that Ms. Muhammad actually worked for ACORN. It bothers me that there is no name of an ACORN employee given. However, this is not ACORN’s first voter registration fraud in Florida:

Federal and state authorities in Miami are still searching for five of the 11 people suspected of falsifying information on hundreds of voter registration cards — including registering the name of the late actor Paul Newman — the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told Thursday. 

Six people were taken into custody Wednesday as arrest warrants were issued for 11 workers hired by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — or ACORN — on charges of voter registration fraud.  

Florida state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said the 11 workers hired to register voters by ACORN in Homestead, Fla., submitted 888 fraudulent names — which included names of people who were already registered voters, fictitious names, and the name of the late actor Paul Newman, who died in Sept. 2008.

Do you ever wonder if your vote counted – if just maybe some of these fraudulent registrations turned into REAL votes? I know I do……………

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ACORN Embezzlement – Not $1Million – $5Million

Via Nola:

An internal review by the board of directors of the community organization ACORN determined that the amount allegedly embezzled from the community organization was $5 million, well more than the previously reported amount of nearly $1 million, according to a new subpoena in an investigation by Louisiana  Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.

The subpoena, released this afternoon, says, “It is still unclear if some of the monies embezzled are from state, federal or private funds.”

Just a little accounting error?? Remember, we already know that the $1million embezzlement was stolen from employee pension funds. Also, I’m not sure why they keep reporting that the money was paid back. According to all the documents I’ve read, at least $200,000 of this money was written off as a gift.

“Current high ranking members of ACORN have publicly acknowledged that embezzlement did in fact occur, but the exact amount of the embezzlement was unknown until it was recently acknowledged in a board of directors meeting on Oct. 17, 2008, by Bertha Lewis and Liz Wolf that an internal review had determined that the amount embezzled was $5 million,” the new subpoena says.

As knowledged by Bertha Lewis??? I’m trying to track down the actual subpoena, I will post as soon as I find this info.

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ACORN – The Election Arm Of The Democratic Party

You can always count on Michelle Bachmann to shoot straight.

My takeaway from this – ACORN is not defunded. Lots of talk – no action.

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ACORN – For Sale


Listing details – 1024 Elysian Fields

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ACORN Illegally Used Prisoners To Canvas For Voter Registration Drives

There is very little coverage of what’s happening in Nevada – at least credible coverage. This case is about much more than just the ‘blackjack’ promo. According to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, a democrat:

“They constantly say, look we just had a bad apple. We had a bad employee like most people do. Clearly, that’s not the case. This is an organization that came to Nevada – hired people that were still in prison, convicted of identity theft, that were on work release programs to go out and canvas these votes.”

“Wait – wait a minute – Hired people still in jail?”

“Correct. There’s a transitional housing facility, Casa Grande, down there. ACORN approached them and hired individuals that were still in prison. Some of them convicted of serious offenses – identity theft – a violation of State law, that these inmates should not have had contact with peoples personal information. Those were the individuals that were out canvassing people. So, it’s no surprise then that many of the forms those individuals turned in would be fraudulent.”

Note: 47% of forms turned in by ACORN in Nevada turned out to be fraudulent.

A little background on Casa Grande:

Casa Grande is NDOC’s Southern Nevada Re-entry Transition Center in the industrial section of Las Vegas, west of Interstate 15. It opens in December 2005 and will house up to 400 non-violent offenders (no sex offenders) in a dorm-like setting, during their last four to six months of incarceration, enabling them to live in the community and get jobs and take other steps to set up their release. Assistance in employment, family counseling, educational goals and other services will be provided at Casa Grande.

Yes, they are still prisoners during the 4-6 months they spend at Casa Grande. They have not been released, not on parole, not on probation – they are prisoners – and ACORN knew it. ACORN had to work with the Nevada Department of Corrections to secure these employees.

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