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Cass Sunstein – Wake Up People!

We’ve all heard –

On the First Amendment Sunstein writes, “We must doubt whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals” (Cass R. Sunstein, Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech, The Free Press, 1995, p. xi).

On Animal Rights Sunstein said, “we ought to ban hunting” (2007 Speech at Harvard University).

Sunstein & Nussbaum stated, “We could even grant animals a right to bring suit” (Cass R. Sunstein, Martha C. Nussbaum. Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions. (Oxford University Press, USA, 2004). P. 11).

Give animals rights, make hunting illegal and doesn’t believe we have a Constitutional right to bear arms or free speech. All viable concerns. However, if Cass Sunstein is confirmed he will oversee privacy, information, and regulatory policy. The man doesn’t believe that the Constitution refers specifically to a right to privacy……………..

This is a statement that has been repeated numerous times over the years by Mr. Sunstein including in his many books.

Glenn Beck has covered the rest of his statements.

This man was Obama’s teacher and according to Sunstein, Obama was one of his best students. Another one of Obama’s mentors – this is frightening.



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