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Census Cuts Ties With ACORN! – UPDATED

Bret Baier (Fox News) is just reporting that the Census Department has cut all ties with ACORN including preparation for or execution of the Census.

Major Garrett (Fox News) twitter account:

Breaking: Census director tells ACORN in letter all ties to group being severed for data collection as part of 2010 census.

Via Michelle Malkin:

FNC’s Major Garrett reports on Twitter that the U.S. Census Bureau has cut all ties to ACORN, which had been named a Census data collection partner for the 2010 Census.

Census director Robert Groves, an ACORN-approved nominee, reportedly sent a letter to the racketeers today in the wake of Big Government’s videotaped stings in Baltimore and DC.


The letter sent by Robert Groves, US Department of Commerce to Maude Hurd, ACORN President states in part:

The Census Bureau has established criteria for partnerships, which are listed on our Web site at <>, and reserves the right to decline partnership or to

terminate an existing partnership agreement with any group that 1) may create a negative connotation for the Census Bureau; 2) could distract from the Census Bureau’s mission; or, 3) may make people fearful of participating in the census.

To that end, and in keeping with the standards we shared with your organization and others who volunteered to partner with the Census Bureau to help promote the 2010 Census, we are today terminating our Partnership Agreement with ACORN.

Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts.

While not decisive factors in this decision, recent events concerning several local offices of ACORN have added to the worsening negative perceptions of ACORN and its affiliation with our partnership efforts.

Unfortunately, we no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your many local offices. For the reasons stated, we therefore have decided to terminate the partnership.

We still have a long way to go to rid ourselves of this criminal organization – but this is progress…………..


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It’s Not About Affirmative Action – It’s About The Census

Today the New York Times announces;

Justice Dept. to Recharge Enforcement of Civil Rights

Seven months after taking office, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is reshaping the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division by pushing it back into some of the most important areas of American political life, including voting rights, housing, employment, bank lending practices and redistricting after the 2010 census.

The first thing that struck me in this article was that the Obama Administration has decided to enforce policies – not people.

As part of this shift, the Obama administration is planning a major revival of high-impact civil rights enforcement against policies, in areas ranging from housing to hiring, where statistics show that minorities fare disproportionately poorly. President George W. Bush’s appointees had discouraged such tactics, preferring to focus on individual cases in which there is evidence of intentional discrimination.

So, if you are a person that has been intentionally discriminated against, your case will not be the focus of this Administration. The good of many vs. the few argument is how the Administration will argue this point. Which works unless you are one of the few.

As this Administration has released information over the past months, I have come to look at what they’re trying to minimize as that’s shown to be exactly what their focus is in reality. In this case I immediately noticed the almost nonchalant inclusion of the census redistricting.

Redistricting the will be accomplished by the 2010 Census will be overseen by the Department of Justice pursuant to Section 5 of the Voters Rights Act and according to the National Journal Magazine;

But in recent years Section 5’s most important impact has been less benign. It has been used to pressure covered states and localities to adopt extreme racial gerrymanders to create more safe districts for black and Hispanic politicians.

Section 5 could have a large impact on the redrawing of thousands of election districts after next year’s census. It virtually requires nine mostly Southern states and portions of five others (called “covered jurisdictions”) to submit their redistricting plans — as well as all other changes in voting rules, right down to moving a polling place across the street — for “prescreening” by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

The Administration is ‘bulking’ up the DOJ to ensure they have the might they’re going to need to ensure they can control yet another aspect of the Census. The modifications that can be achieved could accomplish more ‘change’ that almost any other aspect of this Administration. Changes that will impact our lives for years to come.

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Obama Lied – The Census Died

Once again The American Spectator is right on top of this crapolo sandwich we’re being handed with the help of on the the Obama partners, The New York Times. After all, the partnership between Obama and The New York Times is very similar to the ‘partnership’ the Census Bureau has with ACORN. In fact, the talking points on both are almost identical (sic).

  • The New York Times is one of thousands of 2010 Obama partners we have and the list is growing.
  • Our partners help to raise awareness about the 2010 Obama agenda in the communities they serve, and encourage participation.
  • Our partners span the entire spectrum of society from national, regional, state, tribal and local organizations to the private and nonprofit sectors.
  • Our partners are not involved in ethical reporting operations.
  • One of the things a partner may do is inform the community of the Obama agenda.
  • The Obama administration is solely responsible for job recruitment and hiring. Including members of partners staff whenever possible.
  • The Obama administration has strict quality assurance procedures to prevent the introduction of accurate and/or factual information when partners are discussing the Obama administration.

The Capital Research Center is also doing a great job keeping up with this: 

Now today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the layoff of Census workers comprised the bulk of the jobs just lost in the federal government. The July 2 Employment Situation Summary states: “Employment in federal government fell by 49,000 in June, largely due to the layoff of workers temporarily hired to prepare for Census 2010.”

According to the US Census Bureau document:

The U.S. Census Bureau is already looking for job applicants t work for the 2010 Census. Peak hiring will be from February 2009 through the end of May 2010 for temporary assignments, most lasting 5 to 10 weeks.

So, why is the Census Bureau laying off people during their “peak hiring” period?

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Barbara Boxer – They All Look/Think Alike – Right?

What an idiot!

I must admit, I don’t believe Ms. Boxer is a racist. However I wonder how she will like being told she is one nevertheless.

Well, at least she didn’t ‘snipe’ at Mr. Alford, so he was shown more respect than OUR Brigadier General Michael Walsh.

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