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Content Of Her Character – Rep. Diane Watson

Diane Watson made it clear – if you do not support Obama and more specifically his health care agenda, you are a racist.

Note: There is no video of this event as Watson is one of the Congress members that have chose to have Town Hall events by telephone.

Watson obviously has a great deal of respect for Fidel Castro which immediately reminded me of – Mark Lloyd – our FCC Chief Diversity Officer (Czar).

It seems communism has a few fans in the White House.

This is not the first time that Watson has made her views clear. At the Summit on Latino and African-American Race Relations on June 3, 2006, Watson compared the Minutemen to KKK.

“Do not fall into the trap. Let me tell you what the trap is. Those people out there, Minutemen, who have their sports shirts had their hoods on a few decades ago.”

These comments were justifiably offensive to Marvin Stewart, one of the original members of the Minutemen and a black man.

Councilman Mervyn Dymally went on to equated illegal immigrants to the Pilgrims who took the Indians land away.

Ms. Watson – we do not have to identify 12 million people and declare them felons – they are felons based on the laws you took an oath to uphold.

In addition to being a racist, Watson is also a 9-11 truther.

“I think there’s more to 9-11 than has ever come out.”

This woman belongs in Hollywood – just not in Congress.


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