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Congressional Black Caucus And Farrakhan

This is what we are paying our Congress to do – meet with Farrakhan to discuss what he can do to help them. This meeting was in January 2006, however I’m sure I would have remembered ANYONE reporting on this.

Barbara Lee (D-CA)

Maxine Waters (D-CA)

William J. Jefferson (D-LA) – indicted

Al Green – (D-TX)

There’s a couple of others I wasn’t able to identify – sorry I tried.

It’s obvious based on their warm greetings that this group has a good deal of respect for Farrakhan or do they agree with his teachings?

After their heart-to-heart with Minister Farrakhan of course he preached a little for them.


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Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) – Classy Congressman Of The Day

I’m not sure why this video is surfacing again a year later, but it never gets old.

From August 2008, Rep. Pete Stark once again shows his elitist attitudes and then threatens to throw this “simple minded” reporter out the window.

This is the same guy that showed his respect for President Bush on the floor of the House in 2007.

“The truth is Bush just likes to blow things up”

“But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President’s amusement.”

This guy always stays classy.

Pete Stark is also one of our Congressmen that has trouble finding time to show up for votes. He’s missed 186 votes so far this year. Are we getting our monies worth here? This guy should be the poster child for term limits.

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Eric De La Cruz – Harry Reid

The story of Eric is a sad story to be sure. In the email I received this morning from his sister Veronica De La Cruz. 

Diagnosed with Severe Dilated Cardiomyopathy five years ago and in need of a heart transplant, my brother Eric passed away far too early this July 4th.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ms. De La Cruz was a speaker at Harry Reid’s ‘private’ Town Hall Meeting.

Her brother was 22 years old when he was diagnosed with a condition that weakens the heart muscle. After five years of fighting to get coverage, it took intervention from Reid and others to help get Eric in line for a transplant.

By the time he qualified for coverage and found a California hospital willing and able to do the procedure, it was too late.

“Eric died because he couldn’t get insurance coverage,” she said, calling on the audience to support reforms that would include having the government step in to provide more coverage or requiring private companies to do so. “We are on the brink of creating a system where basic health care is a right.”

This is going to sound heartless and it’s in no way meant to. Eric was not let down by the insurance industry, he was let down by the Social Security and Nevada State Medicaid systems.

You see, Nevada Medicaid Program only covers heart transplants up to the age of 20 years old. If you are older than 20 – sorry. According to the NY Times.

Ben Kieckhefer, a spokesman for the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, defended that policy. “All insurance plans decide what things they are going to cover and what things they are not going to cover,” he said. “Everyone in the state Medicaid program recognized the difficult situation the family was in, but we can’t just start covering something for one individual case.”

Ms. De La Cruz says a surgeon told her he could have helped her brother, but he arrived “two years too late.” If not for all the delays and denials, she says, her brother would be alive today.

What happened to Eric De La Cruz should not have happened, no doubt. However, Ms. De La Cruz how could you stomach standing on stage next to Harry Reid the man that is responsible to oversee the Nevada Medicaid Program that was responsible for the delays that caused your brothers death?

Harry Reid is disingenuous when he speaks of health care reform as Nevada is one of the only 18 States that DO NOT offer a State high risk pool for those people like Eric that need help. How can he stand next to this woman and try to take credit for trying to help after years of suffering that were caused by his State policies. Harry Reid is trying to exploit this man when in fact it was he and his policies that assisted with this young mans death. It’s disgusting.

Again, the case of Eric is heartbreaking and I am in no way minimizing the impact or pain of this family. However, Eric had the option of trying to seek assistance from another state (California) if this health care reform goes through across the United States – where would Eric have gone to seek help?

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How Efficient Is This New Administration

We have all heard the comments regarding the amount of traveling and campaigning the Obama has done since his inauguration – when is he going to get down to the business of governing? This left me wondering, how much actual work is being done on his non ‘pet’ projects? So, I took a look back at legislation that was signed by the Presidents during previous Administrations.

Year Congress President # of Public Laws Signed by President
2009 111 Obama 49
2008 110 Bush 456
2007 109 Bush 482
2006 108 Bush 498
2005 107 Bush 377
2004 106 Bush 580
2003 105 Bush 393
2002 104 Bush 330
2001 103 Bush 465
2000 102 Clinton 589
1999 101 Clinton 648
1998 100 Clinton 709
1997 99 Clinton 661
1996 98 Clinton 621
1995 97 Clinton 471
1994 96 Clinton 611
1993 95 Clinton 633
1992 94 Bush 579
1991 93 Bush 645


In all fairness, our members of Congress have presented only 63 pieces of legislation to the President.

According to Thomas, thousands of pieces of legislation have been introduced into the House/Senate.  We have a Democrat Administration that has the luxury of majorities in all aspects – Why are they not getting the work done?

It strikes me this Administration that has reminded us throughout the campaign and since how efficient they are at multi-tasking does not seem to live up to the hype. If you look at 1993 when President Clinton was in the midst of Hillarycare and his first year in office, he managed to sign 633 pieces of legislation. It seems Clinton’s multi-tasking puts the Obama Administration to shame.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want this Congress pushing through every agenda they see fit. However, it just appears odd that nothing seems to be getting done.

They have the power – they have the votes – yet they are the most inefficient Administration we have had in the past 18 years.

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Meet A Blue Dog Democrat

I’m not sure how you get into this club – but I think we need to change the admission rules…………and if it’s people like this guy that we’re putting our faith in doing the right thing – we’re screwed.

Via Hot Air

Democrat screams at constituent for asking tough question on health care

And by “constituent,” I of course mean crypto-Nazi political terrorist. You’ll find the full unedited exchange right here but I’m giving you the news segment because it provides important context. Like, for example, that the guy who asked Scott the question actually is one of his constituents, contrary to what the distinguished gentleman implies. And that his “hijacking” of this town hall (which wasn’t devoted to health care) came during a Q&A session in which attendees were in fact allowed to ask about anything. But aside from that, he’s very, very Nazi, baby.

Representative Scott isn’t new to  ‘Chicago style’ politics or Detroit/Conyers style as far as how he treats his detractors.

“This is disrespectful and very unfortunate to hear this about a U.S. Congressman,” said the RNC’s Outreach Communications Press Secretary Darrell Jordan. “It’s also extremely disappointing to hear an African-American man use this term in reference to another African-American woman. When I heard this report, I decided to call the witness who heard Rep. Scott utter the phrase (for my own confirmation). On Monday, Maynard Eaton, a writer for the Atlanta Voice newspaper, confirmed to me that he did, in fact, hear Rep. Scott refer to Dr. Honeycutt as a bitch.”

Scott is also as ethical as Chris Dodd according to CREW;

Rep. David Scott, an Atlanta Democrat, today was named one the 25 most “corrupt members of Congress” by a ethical watchdog group that cited, among other charges, Scott’s failure to pay taxes on time and the mingling of his personal business interests and his campaign finances.

Citing news reports and Scott’s campaign-finance records, CREW said Scott’s family advertising business, Dayn-Mark, failed to pay $154,000 in payroll taxes on time and $4,600 in local and state taxes since 1998. Scott also was late in paying $23,200 in property taxes on his home.

CREW questioned campaign payments to members of Scott’s family that the FEC records indicate were reimbursements for office supplies and other items. The group also cited a former Scott aide’s claim that Scott used House office staff for campaign work.

Another “trusted” politician – should it surprise anyone that he doesn’t want to hear what we have to say……………

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Single Payer Will Be Brought To The Floor – Per Nancy Pelosi

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) House Energy & Commerce Committee brought an amendment to the floor with an explanation of:

“This is an amendment that will strike the guts of the bill and replace it with a single payer option”

According to Mr. Weiner:

“We are no longer gonna take hundreds of billions of dollars every single year and give it to insurance companies who do buttkus in return” 

Nothing to worry about, there are plenty of amendments brought to the floor that mean nothing. Right?

According to Henry Waxman (D-CA) he has discussed this amendment with Nancy Pelosi and

“she has pledge to me that she will allow this issue to come to the house floor for a vote”

Hot Air is reporting what some of what we have to look forward to…………..

Not too long ago, a man in the UK pulled 13 of his own teeth rather than live in agony because the National Health Service didn’t have a dentist to treat his chronic teeth problems.  His fellow Brits won’t have the option of using a pliers on their backs after the most recent rationing decision by the NHS.  In order to save £33 million ($55.6 million), the British single-payer system will no longer give cortisone shots for nonspecific back pain despite the effectiveness of the treatment:

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