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Joy Behar And Janeane Garofalo

You have to give Bay Buchanan credit for trying – but there’s just no discussing Obama with Joy or Garofalo – it’s racist – reality doesn’t matter.

As usual Joy Behar doesn’t bother reading the news before she tries to report it as she discuss the “Obama assassination poll”;

“We’ve never seen that for any other President.”

Yes, we have Joy. Via Washington Examiner:

It’s clear that the Secret Service’s job is to take threats to the president seriously but what should be the standards for Facebook?

Several groups on Facebook are dedicated to the demise of George W. Bush. Most of the dozen or so groups dedicated to killing him however, have only a few followers, but some of them have become quite popular.

For example there is a group named “We all Want To Kill George Bush” with 429 members, and LETS KILL BUSH WITH SHOES has 484 members.

The optimistic leader of the group “I bet that I can find 1000000 people who wanted to kill Bush” has fallen short with 518 members.

A quick search for any threatening groups towards Bill Clinton suggests that he got off the hook, but his wife Hillary has earned a few threatening fans such as the members of the group “Kill Hillary” and “If Hillary Clinton is Elected, I’m shooting her.”

Fortunately only 7 members joined the group “If 20 people join we’re going to pay the Russians to kill Hillary Clinton.”

Silly me – I forgot – we’re talking about CNN. Accuracy is not one of their strong points……………..


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Who Said This? Hint – Not The ACLU

Via St. Louis Post:

“We want to not only condemn these acts of violence, but also to try and persuade the state’s attorney to file hate crime charges in this case.”

ACLU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?? Nope, the White Supremacist groups.

It’s come to this – are these seriously the only people willing to stand up for a child that’s beaten because of his race?

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Racism Or A Sign Of The Times?

Yesterday I ran across yet another case of a child being beat up while having racial slurs yelled at him. I did a YouTube search and in less than 5 minutes had the following list of videos – all within the last couple of months. What is happening to our kids?

I’ve said it before, children are not born racists. They are created by their parents and I’m at a loss as to why this hatred is passed from generation to generation. More importantly, why is the racial hatred towards non-black persons that seems to be escalating being ignored?

The fact that these crimes are not being charged as hate crimes is causing a real divide in our Country.  Our media is spending much time discussing idiotic speculations regarding disagreements being racism, yet has essentially ignored these real acts of racism.

The fact that the President is not coming out and saying that racism in any form is unacceptable is just wrong and cowardly. Obama saying that disagreements are not  “mainly” based on race was just another instance of him walking the political line. Obama speaks out on Gates and Kanye, but not white children that are beaten or killed? When will Obama start leading this entire Country? Does he have the guts?

2nd White child a victim of a Hate Crime in St Louis

Belleville, Illinois School Bus Beat Down

School bus driver beaten by teenage boy 

 Maryland Teen Beaten to Death by Pack

17-Year-Old Barely Survives a Brutal Beating, Thanks to Cop (Was Racism the Motivation?)

Only whites are racist?? Savage beating and attempted murder of Brian Milligan

3 Blacks beat a Chinese man to death

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Roland Martin Blames Mostly White People For Obama Speech Complaints

It’s interesting that when Roland Martin is on national TV (CNN Newsroom), parents are just “insane and crazy”.

And on CNN Anderson Cooper 360, Roland Martin tells parents that they just “need to grow up”.

However, Roland Martin obviously felt more comfortable giving his real opinion on the Tom Joyner radio program.

“Have you seen these crazy people, largely white, around the Country mad cause the President’s gonna give a education speech.”

According to Roland Martin parents don’t have a right to know what is going to be said to our children.

For those that do not understand why parents are concerned – it’s due to the history of propaganda from this Administration, starting with the campaign.

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Who Are The Racists In America?

This week my grandchildren learned what racism is from their black neighbor. My grandson (8) was playing with his new neighbors little girl when her mother came out of her house yelling at her daughter to “stop talking to that white boy!” and made her daughter go in the house. My grandson was in tears and my daughter fumbled through an explanation trying to comfort this child. Later that same day, the man that my daughter babysits for came to pick up his kids and playfully yelled “I don’t have any white kids, where did these come from”. After he left my grandsons went to my daughter and told her that “he doesn’t like us because we’re white”. Needless to say, the gentleman that made the remark was playing and felt horrible when my daughter asked him to talk to the boys.

My grandsons never saw “color” until this week and it was taught to them by a black person who had no right to bring this kind of hatred into their world. What are we doing to our kids? I have never seen so much racial tension as I have over the past year and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

Racism is not learned in the community – it is learned at home. Children do not learn racial slurs at school, church or in the playground. Racism is brought into school, church and the playground by racist parents that teach this poison to their children and send them out into the world to share.

The Democrat Party and race baiters such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, etc. that make it their business to ensure that the black race continues to see themselves as victims are the worst kind of racists. They prey on the very people they claim to represent. How much of the millions they’ve earned have they given back to their communities? Considering the billions and billions of dollars we as a Country have funneled to their causes and communities why are there still ghettos and poverty in the US? Where is all this money going? They stand and preach about the white people oppressing the minorites races, while they stand on their backs to get rich. It’s disgusting.

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Content Of Her Character – Rep. Diane Watson

Diane Watson made it clear – if you do not support Obama and more specifically his health care agenda, you are a racist.

Note: There is no video of this event as Watson is one of the Congress members that have chose to have Town Hall events by telephone.

Watson obviously has a great deal of respect for Fidel Castro which immediately reminded me of – Mark Lloyd – our FCC Chief Diversity Officer (Czar).

It seems communism has a few fans in the White House.

This is not the first time that Watson has made her views clear. At the Summit on Latino and African-American Race Relations on June 3, 2006, Watson compared the Minutemen to KKK.

“Do not fall into the trap. Let me tell you what the trap is. Those people out there, Minutemen, who have their sports shirts had their hoods on a few decades ago.”

These comments were justifiably offensive to Marvin Stewart, one of the original members of the Minutemen and a black man.

Councilman Mervyn Dymally went on to equated illegal immigrants to the Pilgrims who took the Indians land away.

Ms. Watson – we do not have to identify 12 million people and declare them felons – they are felons based on the laws you took an oath to uphold.

In addition to being a racist, Watson is also a 9-11 truther.

“I think there’s more to 9-11 than has ever come out.”

This woman belongs in Hollywood – just not in Congress.

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Militia And Drugs Resurgence In America

As reported today on several news media outlets by Mr. Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Also, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center.

The trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs inflict tremendous harm upon individuals, families, and communities throughout the country. The violence, intimidation, theft, and financial crimes carried out by drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), criminal groups, gangs, and drug users in the United States pose a significant threat to our nation.

Southwest and Southeast Asian heroin availability and distribution are limited. However, some Nigerian criminal groups distributing Southwest Asian heroin are attempting to increase heroin distribution in some drug markets where Southwest Asian heroin had not been available previously.

It appears that Nigerian criminal groups may have been emboldened by the election of the first black President of the United States.

The level of prescription drug abuse is very high, and individuals are able to acquire these drugs from numerous sources.Individuals usually acquire Schedule II prescription drugs (OxyContin and Percocet) through traditional diversion methods such as prescription fraud and doctor-shopping. However, Schedule III (Vicodin) and IV (Xanax and Valium) prescription drugs are often acquired in large quantities through the Internet. Law enforcement reporting also indicates that prescription drug distribution by gangs has increased since 2004.

It appears that the increase in prescription drug usage may be caused by white Americans having to medicate themselves due to the first black President being elected.

Asian DTOs are producing MDMA in large clandestine laboratories in Canada.In fact, the high and possibly increasing level of MDMA production in Canada is contributing to increased distribution of the drug in U.S. drug markets. Moreover, distribution of MDMA tablets that have been adulterated with highly addictive drugs, particularly methamphetamine, is increasing.

It appears that Asian criminals are moving into the Canadian market in anticipation of the health care reform in the United States. We all know the Asians are good with math and they realize that Americans will need to cross the border into Canada much more often once they have no access to medication with the US health care plan.

Mexican DTOs will most likely continue to establish new markets for Mexican heroin in northeastern states.Recent encroachments by Mexican heroin distributors into more northeastern drug markets most likely indicate a determination on the part of Mexican DTOs to expand Mexican heroin distribution in new market areas.

It appears that the Mexican cartels are increasing entering the US drug markets. This may be due to the recent inclusion of Sonia Sotomayor in the Supreme Court. They feel they have the court system on their side now.

It all sounds a little ridiculous doesn’t it. Very easy to do, take some viable research and mix in a little opinion and whola you have the same crap being spewed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Let’s keep in mind this is a regurgitated “report” from April 15, 2009. It’s just being dusted off due to recent comments regarding protests related to Healthcare. The difference, in April 2009 it was reported by the media as a 50% increase in hate groups. So, by my estimation we’ve DECREASED the number of hate groups since April 2009 and should be celebrating – of course that’s if we could trust the reporting – which we can’t.

There’s one very big problem for the Southern Poverty Law Center – there is no report. What they consider “reports” is not more than opinion pieces that have been skewed to meet their agenda.

The media outlets were irresponsible to give Mr. Potok a stage to promote his outrageous racism and white guilt during a time when people in this Country are already under attack – simply for disagreeing with the administration. Moreover, this nut was given a stage to besmirch our military and veterans.

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