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Duke University Fires Frank Lombard

But that’s all they’re saying according to The Chronicle:

Frank Lombard, who was arrested by the FBI in June on child sex abuse charges, was let go by the University Tuesday. Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, confirmed that Lombard is no longer a Duke employee.

The University originally placed Lombard on unpaid administrative leave following his June 24 arrest. Schoenfeld declined to comment further on the decision to terminate Lombard’s employment.

Of course Mr. Schoenfeld declined to comment – NO ONE IS COMMENTING!

And yes, Al Sharpton is still dancing………………

And Frank Lombards sonsvictims are still wondering when someone is going to stand up for them.


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Where is Al Sharpton? Frank Lombards sons are looking for you!

A 5 year old has been molested at least 100 times over years (according to court documents) and of course Al is all over this, right?

Duke University is being overwhelmed with the protestors, right?

It is unconscionable how little attention is being paid to this case! Frank Lombard supplied photos of the child to an undercover officer, there is a witness that has seen videos of the molestation, there are chat logs in which Frank admits that he adopted this child TO MOLEST HIM.

Oh wait, that’s right all the cameras are pointed at anything Michael Jackson. So of course, that’s where Al is at.

Seems ironic that so much attention is being paid to the death of an accused black pedophile, while a young black boy is being molested with no one paying any attention.

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