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Sheriff Joe – Equal Opportunity Cop

Do the Feds realize that State’s have a right to protect themselves?


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Obama Soldiers Fan The Flame Of Racial Profiling

While Obama is having his beer bash, ACORN is drafting their email to take advantage of this latest ‘man-made crisis’. I’m sure Rahm is proud or helped them draft this. 


Warrantless midnight raids. Racial profiling. Forced family separation. Retaliatory arrests. Chain gangs.

Relics of a bygone era? No. This is reality today where I live, and these are the routine actions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona — the same sheriff whose actions have been compared to the worst excesses of Alabama Sheriff Bull Connor and his fight against the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

Today, the excuse for abusing civil rights is the enforcement of federal immigration law, and the Latino community is the target. Sheriff Arpaio and others get away with it thanks to a Bush-era program called “287(g)” — a program that basically gives Sheriff Arpaio all the power and freedom he wants to enforce immigration as he sees fit. Program 287(g) is not only still being implemented, but Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is planning to expand the program!

Tell Secretary Napolitano that we don’t need more local law enforcement taking immigration into their own hands. Program 287(g) should be abolished, not expanded.

Just last week, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law called Arpaio-style, pre-dawn immigration raids on family homes “unconstitutional.” They said that the “cowboy mentality” permeating our approach to America’s immigration challenge has been doing serious damage.

In fact, many law enforcement agencies don’t support the 287(g) program and won’t even participate, saying it harms their ability to ensure public safety by putting officers in situations in which they often make choices that violate our rights — and our humanity — if we happen to look like we might “not be from around here.”

Click here to tell Secretary Napolitano to stop the expansion of the 287(g) program, and then to abolish the program altogether.

The impact that the 287(g) program has is life-or-death serious for many communities. When we know that the color of our skin makes us criminally suspect in the eyes of local law enforcement, then where do we go if we are in danger? How can we call the police to stop domestic abuse, if we know that the police may be just as abusive? When racial profiling is part of law enforcement, then people of color have no one to protect them.

Program 287(g) must end soon — and we can’t sit by while the Department of Homeland Security expands it. Tell Secretary Napolitano that expanding 287(g) is the wrong choice, and 287(g) will never be a part of a successful approach to America’s immigration challenge.

The good news is that as a result of the kinds of energy that ACORN and others have been able to generate on this issue, over 30 organizations across the country are taking action over the coming weeks to hold DHS accountable on immigration policy. Please join in this nationwide campaign to end 287g and bring sanity to America’s immigration policies.
In solidarity and strength,
Alicia Russell
Arizona ACORN



ACORN is taking this ‘man-made issue’ nationwide as in Arizona Sheriff Arpaio is winning this argument. According to Rasmussem Reports:

Voters in the Grand Canyon State still highly regard Maricopa Country Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, known for his tough immigration enforcement. Fifty-seven percent (57%) say the sheriff’s policies have helped the state’s image, showing little change from May. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say the sheriff’s policies hurt the state’s image.

The people that live in this community don’t agree with ACORN, not that it matters to ACORN. The fact is that Sheriff Arpaio is doing the unthinkable – he’s enforcing the law. What a concept.

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