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Torture – What If It Was Your Child

It always intrigues me when the discussions turn to – was it torture?

As much as we hate it when our government treats as if we are children, we fully expect them to care about our safety as much as they would of their own child.

Let’s take the ideological out of this argument and deal with this matter as if it were a family matter. If one of your children were murdered and you were told that there were plans to murder more of your children – would it bother you if the person with information that may save your children lives was waterboarded? or was scared (but never touched) with an electric drill or threats were made about their families?

As a mother I’d tell them to do whatever is necessary and I wouldn’t shed a tear for any animal that would cause harm to my family OR would assist in any way persons wanting to harm my family.  

One of the best aspects of being an American is that we are a loyal group of people. You cannot threaten to harm an American without the bulk of the population standing against you. We are a family.

So, was it torture? In my opinion, no. Those who were interrogated walked away – members of our American family did not.

I did not vote for President Bush either time – however I have great respect for the fact that he helped to keep my family safe the past eight years.


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