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What Is Kevin Jennings Agenda?

It’s elementary. Kevin Jennings believes the only way to keep children safe is to teach them about tolerance. He wants to teach tolerance by teaching elementary school children about gay lifestyles.

“It’s Elementaryis the most important film dealing with LGBT issues and safe schools ever made. It took a topic that was mystifying to many people and made it real, inspiring an entire generation of educators to see how they could make a difference…. No other film has had a bigger impact on LGBT issues in the schools.” —Kevin Jennings, executive director, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

The main problem with this agenda is the fact that Kevin Jennings has a complete disregard for the parents of these children. Most parents do not want anything sexual discussed with their children in elementary school. These are discussions that should be happening between parents and children to ensure the parents/family morals and religious guidelines are at the forefront of the discussion. Parents do not lose their right to parent because their children are in public schools.

In addition, his focus does not seem to be on all children – only gay children – which by his own estimates are approximately 7% of school age children. What about the other 93%?

In a 2006 interview with Salon, Jennings said:

“I always remind myself that Americans have all been raised to pledge allegiance to the ideal of liberty and justice for all. And eventually the disconnect between how we treat some people and those ideals becomes so overwhelming that the majority of Americans will say, “Enough, this has to stop.” That’s what led to the end of slavery, that’s what led to suffrage, that’s what led to the civil rights movement — it’s when people have the disconnect between the American reality and American ideals shoved in their face to the point they can no longer take it. That’ll happen on this issue too, no doubt in my mind.”

This is an interesting pick for Obama if you look back at his comments regarding Bush’s pick of James Holsinger as Surgeon General.

President Obama, I have serious reservations about nominating someone who would inject his own pro-gay ideology into critical decisions about the health and well-being of our children.


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Chicago Loses Olympics Bid – In The First Round – UPDATED

They didn’t just lose – Chicago was crushed.

I’m still laughing at the Drudge Report headline:



They’re already trying to blame this on anything EXCEPT Obama. Via CBS2:

CBS 2 Olympics expert Mike Conklin said the defeat points to the United States’ lack of standing within the International Olympic Committee, dating all the way back to the U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

Obama has “extended a hand”, they just didn’t “unclinch their fist”.  Looks like this was just as effective as it’s been with Iran……………….

The Games go to RIO!

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When They Come Back

Grab a tissue. This song is based on the true story of a soldier, Jeremiah Workman who was awarded the Navy Cross, an award for valor that is second only to the Medal of Honor.

Thank a soldier today……………everyday.

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Obama And Afghanistan

Via Reuters:

“When it comes to decisions as important as keeping this country safe and putting our troops into harm’s way, the president has made it clear that he will rigorously assess our progress,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.  

“That is why he held this meeting today and will take the next several weeks to review our strategy.”

It was one month yesterday that General Stanley McChrystal sent Defense Secretary Robert Gates a war assessment and told him that we need more U.S. troops and a new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

Note: Obama had no meetings or even a telephone call to the General until the report was leaked to the media.

Obama wants several more week to review the strategy. THIS he wants to think through.

According to CNS News:

Since that Aug. 30 date, a total of 43 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have died in a war that is now the subject of much discussion–and apparently some confusion–in Washington. Forty-two of those casualties have been identified by name in U.S. Defense Department press releases (see below), while the 43rd casualty, which occurred today, has been confirmed in press reports, but not by name.

Obama – every day that you ‘mull’ this over will cost this Country at least one soldiers life. While you are on your luxury trip to Copenhagen acting as a Chicago salesman – a soldier will die. This is not legislation – this is lives.

Send them help or bring them home. Do your damn job.

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Blood All Over Street – Chicago

Via Chicago Breaking News:

A 14-year-old boy in the city’s Edgewater neighborhood was beaten and critically injured Wednesday night–suffering massive head trauma, police said.

A witness told police they saw the victim being chased by three males about 7:45 p.m. on the 6300 block of North Paulina Street, Chicago Police Lt. Paul Kusinski said.

After the three assailants caught up with the victim, all three beat him, and one reportedly struck him over the head using some type of  “shiny” object, Kusinski said.

An Edgewater woman who wished to remain anonymous said she was driving home from work and looking for a parking space when she saw the teen lying in the road.

“He was covered in blood. Blood was all over the street.  It was all over his face, arms, and coming from the back of his head. Two little girls and another kid were with him,  holding him down. I called 911, and the police arrived shortly.

What are we doing to our children……………

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A Mothers Frustration

I can’t say I’m a huge Rush fan, although I do enjoy his frankness. However, I am a fan of Susan from Glendale. Her passion is palpable – that I can relate to.


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Rapper Nas Letter To Chicago “Warriors”

Warrior definition according to Merriam Webster: “a man engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly : a person engaged in some struggle or conflict”

Global Grind has posted the following letter in response to the brutal murder of Derrion Albert in Chicago;

Open Letter To Young Warriors In Chicago

Dear Young Warriors fighting the wrong wars!   Killing each other is definitely played out. Being hurt from the lost of a love one was never cool.

Dear Young Warriors fighting the wrong war! I know that feeling, that frustration with life and needing to take it out on someone, any one. But….

We chose the dumbest things to go the hardest for.  I remember seeing deaths over 8 ball jackets, Fila sneakers, and name plate chains. Deaths over “he say, she say”!!!!! “I’m from this block or I’m from that block”, or “my moms n pops is f*cked up now the whole world gotta pay”!!!

I remember feeling like I was the hardest “n*gga” breathing.  And I couldn’t wait to prove it. But let’s think. What are we really proving?? And proving what to who?? Everybody knows Chicago breeds the strongest of the strong but I just feel, me, being ya brother from another state feels your pain as if I grew up with you in ya very own household.

You have the ability and mindpower to change they way we are looked at.  Look who’s watching us young warriors, look who’s throwing us in jail constantly, look at the ignorance in the world. Look at the racist dogs who love to see us down. Loving to bury us in the ground or in jail where we continue this worthless war on one another.

Young warriors…. We are WASTING more and more time. We gotta get on our jobs and take over the world. Cuz this movie left the theaters years ago, Juice, Menace, Boys n the Hood , Blood n Blood Out, Belly!

When we see each other why do we see hatred? Why were we born in a storm, born soldiers, WARRIORS….and instead of building each other up we are at war with each other.. May the soul of this young person find peace with the almighty. I’m with you young warriors. You’re me and I’m you. But trust me! you are fighting the wrong war.

This sh*t sucks !!


Nas if you are the best choice to lead the black youth, they don’t have a chance. You write this letter as if the MURDERERS are somehow victims. The people that killed this innocent young man are not warriors – they are cowards.

You didn’t even have the courtesy or respect to mention Derrions name, only a link to video that was taken by some fool that decided to tape this killing instead of calling 911 or god forbid try to help this child.

You don’t even have the decency to tell the youth that witnessed this crime to come forward and name the MURDERERS instead of protecting them.

Then just for fun you throw racism into your diatribe, which is just ridiculous in this context. These MURDERERS are responsible for their own actions and need to held accountable for their actions.

So do you – Nas, you are a punk.

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