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ACORN Illegally Used Prisoners To Canvas For Voter Registration Drives

There is very little coverage of what’s happening in Nevada – at least credible coverage. This case is about much more than just the ‘blackjack’ promo. According to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, a democrat:

“They constantly say, look we just had a bad apple. We had a bad employee like most people do. Clearly, that’s not the case. This is an organization that came to Nevada – hired people that were still in prison, convicted of identity theft, that were on work release programs to go out and canvas these votes.”

“Wait – wait a minute – Hired people still in jail?”

“Correct. There’s a transitional housing facility, Casa Grande, down there. ACORN approached them and hired individuals that were still in prison. Some of them convicted of serious offenses – identity theft – a violation of State law, that these inmates should not have had contact with peoples personal information. Those were the individuals that were out canvassing people. So, it’s no surprise then that many of the forms those individuals turned in would be fraudulent.”

Note: 47% of forms turned in by ACORN in Nevada turned out to be fraudulent.

A little background on Casa Grande:

Casa Grande is NDOC’s Southern Nevada Re-entry Transition Center in the industrial section of Las Vegas, west of Interstate 15. It opens in December 2005 and will house up to 400 non-violent offenders (no sex offenders) in a dorm-like setting, during their last four to six months of incarceration, enabling them to live in the community and get jobs and take other steps to set up their release. Assistance in employment, family counseling, educational goals and other services will be provided at Casa Grande.

Yes, they are still prisoners during the 4-6 months they spend at Casa Grande. They have not been released, not on parole, not on probation – they are prisoners – and ACORN knew it. ACORN had to work with the Nevada Department of Corrections to secure these employees.


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Census – ACORN – SEIU

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ACORN – California Opening An Investigation?


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ACORN – No Defense Money Either

Via Fox News:

With no fanfare and no roll call vote, not even a speech — the Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved an amendment by Sen. Mike Johanns, R-NE, that bars any funds from the Defense spending bill from going to ACORN.

Johanns promised to introduce a similar amendment on every spending bill Congress considers this year, until the chamber takes up his broader bill that would impose permanent ban on ACORN receiving any federal funds.

It took the Senate a little over one minute to consider the measure.

Unanimous? Even Burris – wow, how did they catch up to him running away from this vote ;o)

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ACORN Is Like A Religious Group

Unbiased, factual reporting by The Boston Globe:

ANYONE who’s been surfing the right-wing blogosphere would mistake the activist group ACORN for a sinister force hell-bent on falsifying the US Census, registering nonexistent voters, and promoting underage prostitution. This caricature distorts the group’s intentions and overstates its influence.

Hmmmm. Sinister force hell-bent on falsifying the US Census, registering nonexistent voters, and promoting underage prostitution. O.K., well that part of the article is accurate ;o)

This made me laugh.

Still, the group insists that its public dollars aren’t mingled with money for political advocacy. Its position is similar to that of religious groups that take government money but vow not to proselytize. But as with the faith-based groups, ACORN’s separation of church and state can be difficult to monitor.

Religious groups and ACORN, sure I can see that comparison.

The national organization, which recently moved its headquarters from New Orleans to Washington, has 71 local affiliates, plus a number of like-minded but legally separate allied organizations such as ACORN Housing.

I thought I read somewhere that they have more than 300 ‘affiliates’ – guess I was wrong. They’re just “like-minded” organizations.


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ACORN Rats Jumping Ship

Via The Wall Street Journal:

Guillermo Loaiza, a loan officer for a unit of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in Phoenix, has resigned from the board of Acorn Housing, a spokesman for J.P. Morgan said.

The J.P. Morgan spokesman declined to say why Mr. Loaiza had stepped down from the Acorn Housing board but said the decision was his. Mr. Loaiza didn’t respond to requests for comment.

A spokeswoman for Acorn Housing had no immediate comment on the resignation. Mr. Loaiza was one of five directors of Acorn Housing, according to the group’s Web site.

J.P. Morgan has said it doesn’t have a regular working relationship with Acorn or Acorn Housing. Bank of America Corp. said late last week that it suspended its work with Acorn Housing pending reviews of that organization’s operations.

Interesting wording from J.P. Morgan. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they didn’t know who ACORN was – not;

JP Morgan Chase contributed over $5 million in grants to the housing affiliate, over a five-year period. But this program is no longer active, Jennifer Zuccarelli, a spokeswoman said.

“JP Morgan Chase provided a five-year community development grant to fund affordable housing and foreclosure prevention initiatives across the country,” Zuccarelli said. “The commitment ended a year ago in 2008 and no further grants will be considered.”

ACORN – never heard of them………………..

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Bank of America Suspends ACORN

Via Reuters:

Bank of America Corp has suspended its current commitments to ACORN Housing, an affiliate of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a scandal-hit U.S. liberal grassroots group, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.

The banking company “will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates,” pending assessments of the organization’s operations, the paper quoted a Bank of America spokesman as saying.

Oh my – is this constitutional ;o)


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