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Green Program In Philly To Train Youth – Training Provided By A Child Molestor, Thief And Accused Rapist!

Keep Him Away From Your Kids
Keep Him Away From Your Kids

The Philadelphia Tribune article sounds so hopeful, put those young people to work spending our stimulus $’s.

Green program bringing youth into environmental picture

The Penn Future Resource Center is using the green movement to help young people find jobs. The newly formed organization, which is a collaboration of the City Wide Youth Leadership Agency and the Pennsylvania Ridge Associates, teaches “greens jobs” that not only affect the environment, but could provide income for the students.

Under a program called the Youth Energy Empowerment, the Penn Future Resource Center teaches landscaping, weatherization, energy conserving insulation, power washing and window insulation.

The organization also has new digs at 1021 Ridge Ave.

Executive director William Mackey stated the green jobs are the wave of the future.

“Under the president’s initiative, one of the main focuses is energy conservation. We believe in the 21st century Africans American and minorities are have to explore energy conservation,” he said.

Mackey said these jobs could be very lucrative.

“These jobs bring in $35 an hour,” he said. “We are not exposed to these jobs in depth. We are only exposed on a baseline level.”

Sounds good right? Until you do a simple internet search on Mackey (emphasis mine).

Philadelphia Tribune, The


Mackey to appeal sentence

At least 20 parents, colleagues and good friends of William Mackey, former executive director of City Wide Improvement and Planning Agency (CWIPA) were in court with William Macky.

They came last week to testify about his good works and how he has been such an inspiration to young people in North Philadelphia.

But Judge Joseph Bruno still handed down a sentence of three to six months for indecent assault and six to 12 months for corruption of a minor.

Mackey says he plans to appeal, this time asking for a jury trial.

On March 14, Mackey was convicted of indecent assault and attempting to corrupt a 16-year-old participant in the Citywide program. He was freed on $5,000 bail.

The girl alleged the incident, which she said took place last Sept. 6, started when Mackey grabbed her hand during a conversation near CWIPA’s headquarters and tried to guide it towards his private parts, suggesting that when she became old enough he was going to “bust that,” sources said.

Maybe the guy was set up – maybe it was a misunderstanding. Nope, he has a prior record (emphasis mine).

Sources said Mackey has a prior conviction for retail theft, robbery of a gas station in 1991, and was acquitted of rape charges in 1986.

 How is it that the Philadelphia Tribune missed this when they reported on Mackey’s court case in 2001. This is a serious lack of ethical reporting or seriously sloppy.

It gets better (or worse depending on how you look at it). It seems Mackey is involved in 2 youth programs in Philly:

asap - city wide youth posting

asap - project reach 2000  posting.jpg

The Philadelphia Daily News lists these programs as:

City Wide Youth Leadership, 910/930 W Cecil B. Moore Ave. Project Reach 2000. M-Sa. 3-6 p.m. Free Mentoring, tutoring, leadership training, career training, community services and intramural sports league. Saturday hours are 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Contact: William Mackey, 215-765-5504. moekennedy@hotmail.com

Project REACH 2000

This program is offered at William Penn High School. Does the school district not run some kind of background check before allowing convicted felons to hang out with the kids after school???????? Most notably someone that has been convicted of molesting a high school age child.

City Wide Youth Agency

The address for this ‘agency’ is 910/930 W Cecil B. Moore Avenue. Just one problem, this address is a vacant lot.

Aerial Overview

Aerial Overview

910 W Cecil B

910 W Cecil B. Moore

930 W Cecil B Moore

930 W Cecil B. Moore








My first thought? This can’t be right……………..However, according to the City of Philadelphia records this is indeed vacant land. I guess we can’t say he’s blowing the budget on office space!

This will not be City Wide Youth Programs’ first dip into government funds. In 2006 the City of Philadelphia gave City Wide a grant for $1 Million dollars to purchase/renovate a building located at 1100-1138 W. Girard in Pennsylvania. The grant monies were meant to create a mini-mall that would house the Citywide Youth Leadership Agency’s alternative school, professional careers school and twilight school.

The property at 1100-1138 was indeed purchased on October 15, 2006 at auction for $3 Million and then sold on November 13, 2007 for $3 Million – where did the million dollars go Mr.  Mackey???

According to public records the City Wide Youth Program has no assets.

Charity Records - City Wide Youth

Again, where did the money go Mr. Mackey?

And now we’re going to give him more money?

Where’s Sheriff Biden?

I wonder how the child feels that this creep molested? Parents that supported this man, I’m all for giving people a second chance. But, NEVER at the cost of a child. If there is even a chance that this child was telling the truth (and considering that he was found guilty, I would assume there is a chance) the ONLY person that should have been supported was the child. Not to mention the fact that this man had already been accused of rape previously. This is not a man with a sterling reputation that was suddenly accused of something, he had been previously accused. That is never a coincidence. There is no after school or training program that is worth taking a risk with your children.



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So You Don’t Think They Will Vote This Week – Think Again

This morning I received this email from Health Care for America NOW:

Dear Supporter:

Passing health care reform will save you money. Not passing it will save millionaires money. Will your Representative choose the millionaires or you?

The health care reform bill being voted on in the House this week will save you an average of $2,200 per year.1 This bill says those who make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year should help pay for reform by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the rich.2

This bill should be voted on in the next few days. Click here to write a letter to your Representative and urge them to pass historic health reform so you can save money.

One of the excuses some Members of Congress are using to avoid voting for this health reform bill is that this bill raises taxes on small business. They couldn’t be more wrong.

According to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxes, 96% of small businesses would not be affected by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts, and this bill would in fact lower these businesses’ health care costs.3

That’s why small business owners all across America are supporting this bill.

Click here to email your Representative and urge them to pass this bill, because your health care is important enough to ask the wealthy to pay a bit more.

This bill guarantees us quality, affordable health care. It will cover the uninsured and lower the costs for those of us who have insurance. Let’s pass this bill, so we can all have quality, affordable health care.

To your health,

Levana Layendecker
Health Care for America Now

As I’m reading the email I hear Fox News saying that there are members that are saying that they are closer than ever on the Healthcare bill and that they may be close to a vote.

I’m not buying the coincidence. I would not be surprised at all if the Dems announced that they didn’t have the votes to get everyone to back off and give them some breathing room – then they surprise us all with a vote.

Have you called/emailed your Congressman today!!!!!!

UPDATE – Senator Judd Gregg is talking about this now – they’re talking about taking out the ‘government’ public option and putting in the ‘co-op’ plan – one problem – we don’t know what the co-op plan is!! Tell them to read the damn bill………………or vote no.

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Obama Pays Off The Cops. The Chicago Way.

There Are No Accidents In This Administration.

Obama screws up and we pay for it. Now I am not against more funding for our Police Officers, however as a payoff? Wow, you can’t get any more ‘Chicago’ than this.

According to Politico44:

Six days after POTUS’s comment that precipitated a clash with Massachusetts police organizations, Vice President Biden and Attorney General Holder are headed to Philadelphia Tuesday to make a “major Recovery Act announcement” regarding funding for “law enforcement agencies across the nation,” the White House announced Monday.

Now THAT’S what I call an abuse of power.

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Redefining The Stimulus

Now that we’ve figured out that this boondoggle of a Stimulus Package is not working, they’ve spent the last week trying to re-spin it. The newest spin comes from Mr. Stimulus himself, Sheriff Biden. 

Sheriff Biden had an opinion piece in one the Obama administrations journalism partners, New York Times today.

Notwithstanding this progress, the nature of the Recovery Act remains misunderstood by many, and misconstrued by others: critics have suggested that the entire $787 billion is being spent on pet programs. As the person leading the administration’s efforts to put the Recovery Act into effect, I want to set the record straight.

Translation. The stimulus is not working as quickly as we told you it would, so we need to start a new story line.

95 percent of working Americans have seen their taxes go down as a result of the act.

Yes, we have all received our $13 a week and we’ve been working hard to stimulate the economy with our stipend.

The second-largest part — just under a third — is direct relief to state governments and individuals. The money is allowing state governments to avoid laying off teachers (14,000 in New York City alone), firefighters and police officers and preventing states’ budget gaps from growing wider.

Yup, we’re still “saving” jobs and you’re just going to have to trust us on the numbers as we cannot prove it.

And those hardest hit by the recession are getting extended unemployment insurance, health coverage and other help to get through these tough times.

It’s amusing that Joe has decided to bring up the extended unemployment benefits that we part of the stimulus package. These extended benefits were for an additional 13 weeks of benefits. Most of our unemployed exhausted these benefits as of July 10th and received their last checks this past week. No worries, we have lots of ham and cheese sandwiches to get them through.

Even with such care being taken, we have already committed more than one-fourth of the Recovery Act’s total funds, and we are on track to meet the deadline set when the act was passed in February — spending 70 percent by the end of September 2010.

Take a look at the wording. They’ve committed 1/4 of the total funds, this money has not been spent. They just know what they intend to spend it on. As far as the 70% by September 2010, same problem. The money will have been committed or sent to State Governments, will not be spent.

We know they’ve actually only spent about 10% of the stimulus.

We have experienced ten recessions from 1946 through 2006. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the current recession is said to have began in December 2007. Previous recessions have averaged 6-18 months depending on the research you choose.

So, if we say this is one of the worst recessions we’ve seen then we should expect recovery to begin in July. If we use the stock market as a gauge, we just had a great week and it looks like there’s some recovery beginning to happen. Before most of the money has been spent.

My take.

The Stimulus Package did lessen the pain with extended unemployment payments and aid to lower income families. This is a good thing. However, the financial cycle seems to be working and we should stop the spending and interference. Get out of the way and business owners will bring the economy back, not the government.



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