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ACORN San Diego – Standing By Juan – Nope

Juan was just trying to help the prostitute get away from a bad life. This story might have saved Juan’s job – until the rest of the video was released.

Bus meet Juan.


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ACORN – San Bernardino – Experienced in Prostitution – UPDATED


Tresa Kaelke:

Via LinkedIn:

Lead Field Organizer at ACORN

Via San Bernardino Court Records:

Had a warrant for her arrest until May 2008 regarding a drug possession charge from 1997. She was charged in 1997, released on $25, 000 bail, put on probation, did not perform her probation, had warrant issued, warrant was recalled May 2008, probation terminated June 2008.

Via Democracy for America:

Locally in San Bernardino, ACORN members and organizer Tresa Kaelke drove voters to the polls, many first-time voters.

 Via Acornofinlandempire’s blog:

Friday  July 10,  2009

Members Michael and Dennis of the San Bernardino ACORN along with Tresa Kaelke (San Bernardino ACORN Community Organizer) and Christina Spach (California Field Corrdinator); attended the schedule meeting with California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod of District 32.


It must have been Tresa’s first husband that she shot, her second one (Ronald Kaelke) appears to be alive and well – with a restraining order against her.


ACORNs response, including the police report they filed to investigate the “alledged homicide”.


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