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It Was Racial Profiling – Nevermind – It Was Abuse Of Power

If the story doesn’t work – change the story. It wasn’t racial profiling – it was abuse of power. This is the newest story line from Mr. Gates and Al Sharpton. How many ways do Henry Louis Gates and Al Sharpton intend to try and smear the good name of Sargeant Crowley?

Their other argument – the charges have been dropped so they must have been wrong. What’s not reported (except by Ann Coulter of course) is that Mr. Gates’ attorney called the Mayor to complain about the charges and the Mayor used his influence to get the charges dropped. No one really expected the charges not to be dropped. Funny if you were listening to the news cycles and interviews the first couple of days, no one mentioned it. It was only after the racism charges were being ripped apart did the “charges were dropped” argument start rising to the top of the scum.

Who do you think has more credibility when it comes to racial issues.

Sargeant Crowley

Highly respected. Teaches against racial profiling.

Al Sharpton

Race baiting. Racist. Tax Cheat. Did he ever apologize to the Duke LaCrosse team?

Henry Gates

“Because of racism, I never would have been allowed to compete on a more or less level terrain with white boys and white girls.”

Without ‘affirmative action’ Mr. Gates would not be where he’s at today. That’s right all you black children out there – without the governments help you cannot succeed. What kind of message does this send to the children of his race? You are not equal, you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you will never be accepted by the white people – unless the government makes them. 

 Those parents out there that allow your children and young adults to be taught by this man (and other racists like Mr. Gates) are the cause of the continuance of racism. You are allowing the Henry Gates, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cornell West and Carl Dix’s of the world to form your childrens opinions on race – are you nuts! These men are not friends of the black race, if racism were to suddenly be gone these men would be out of business and seeking a bail-out from Obama. These are millionaires in the BUSINESS of racism.

I find it interesting that Mr. Gates like Obama speaks in very different tones depending on who he is speaking to. After listening to the video above I was left with the feeling that Mr. Gates was yet another black racist that blames the white race for all the ills of the black race. However, when you take a look at his interview with the Martha Vineyard Magazine he has a very different tone.

I’m just a poor boy from Piedmont, West Virginia. I’m from a village – a small town of two thousand people where everybody spoke to everybody. That’s what I like about Martha’s Vineyard. And I also like the class diversity and the racial diversity.

 How would you describe race relations on Martha’s Vineyard? Do you think there is a divide?

Not at all. In fact, there are a few things that are special about race relations on Martha’s Vineyard. First of all, the Island must have the highest concentration in the world of successful, middle- and upper-class black people. If you’re a successful black person, chances are you’ve raised your children in predominantly white neighborhoods, and they’ve attended predominantly white schools. Martha’s Vineyard allows the black upper-middle class to get to know each other, and it allows our children to socialize every day with other black children – and white children – of their same educational and economic backgrounds. This is particularly valuable for mixed-race children: They don’t feel abnormal for being smart and the children of successful people. This performs a very important function within the African American community.

 As I come away from reading his interview, I’m left with the feeling that Mr. Gates believes that midde-upper class people are not racists. It’s just those damn lower class white Americans. Now I’m sure Mr. Gates meant say to middle-upper ‘income’ people, right? And the message for the ‘mixed’ children from Mr. Gates, don’t feel abnormal because you’re smart and have successful parents, huh? Is Mr. Gates implying that children with two black parents are not smart? only mixed children? or does he mean that black children that are not middle-upper class are not smart?

Interesting article at Riehl World View lays out the questionable charity ran by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The Inkwell Foundation, which Mr. Gates mentions often and was even wearing the t-shirt when he’s being interviewed this week (I’m sure he wasn’t overtly trying to take advantage of his 15 minutes of fame).

Henry Louis Gates, Jr controls a tax-exempt, non-profit charity, Inkwell Foundation, Inc, that managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct support in one year, yet only gave out $27,500 in grants, the bulk of which went to Gates’ employees and Harvard colleagues.

According to the Boston Globe in September 2008, the Inkwell Foundation is essentially a bogus charity.

So, Obama is proud that he’s ‘started conversations’. I’m not sure he’s going to like the conversations that have began.



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Racism, Victims, Democrats And Cowards

If nothing else has come out of the last week and the “Gates incident”, it is that Obama has shown his true colors and proven Eric Holder right. He is a coward. It is cowardly for a man not to be able to admit that he was wrong or let his ego get in the way of what is right. Obama has shown that he is capable of apologizing, he has done so on America’s behalf time and again. But apologizing for our Country is easy for him, you see he doesn’t feel pride in this Country. He just cannot muster the character to personally apologize for a wrong that he has committed. He lacks in character, just as Mr. Gates does.

I believe that this election has created a racial divide in this country that will take years to heal. Every time Obama is compared (or compares himself) to Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Lincoln I just cringe. It is total disrespect to compare Obama to great men that gave everything, including their life  for this country. Obama will never give up anything for us. He is the most elitist and prejudiced president this nation has ever seen.

I have 3 children and raised them to not see colors and treat all people the same. I worked hard at this over the years and many times have felt that my efforts were in vain. I still remember the day my daughter (6 at the time) came home crying because another child had called her a ‘racial’ name, she didn’t know what it meant but knew it was bad. She didn’t know what it meant, because we didn’t teach racism in our home. Obviously, the child that made the slur was. What do you think the impact on society would be if children never heard racial slurs at home? If they were given the opportunity to judge a person based on their character. Do the races of color realize that they are stealing their childrens innocence by perpetuating hatred. This has happened to members of my family many times over the years (cracker, whitey, etc.). You never see this in the news. Has there ever been a hate crime charged against a black person for bigotry towards a white person? Are we supposed to believe that white people have a monopoly on hatred?

It seems that people of color often raise their children to see color first and in the case of the black race often teach their children of slavery before they teach acceptance. There does not seem to be any pride in how far we have come – only anger at how far we have to go. It just seems unfair to start a child out as a victim and this is what is happening. We will never end racism as long as people of color are raised to believe that no matter what they do, they will be a victim of racism. Racism cannot end when only part of the Country is trying.

Racism will never be eradicated from our country. However, until the black race takes some responsibility for their own actions and start teaching personal responsibility and acceptance it will continue to grow. We are going backwards and it is being perpetrated by some of the perceived leaders of the black race and our government.

If I were a black person – I would be rising up against the black people that have espoused their hatred for years and in the wake have made themselves wealthy (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.). At the cost of their own race, there is a personal agenda here. This Country has spent billions of dollars to upgrade neighborhoods, schools and programs – where has all this money went?

In addition, affirmative action has helped created a society of victims. How can this be a positive? You are no longer responsible for your actions,  it’s the fault of society. Do whatever you want if you are in a minority,  it’s not your fault. Why when women are the most prejudiced against segment of our societies around the world are we not looting stores and burning cars every time a man gets a better opportunity than we do? Hillary’s loss should have sent us over the edge.

I’m not racist against blacks so I’m not a racist, right? When did the term racism become the property of the African American race – by the way – I’m incensed every time I hear a person put another country in front of America – my family roots are in Germany – I am not a German-American – I am an American.

How can you say you’re not a racist and then protest in the streets against Israel and the Jews? Why are the Jews and whites the only part of our society that it is absolutely acceptable to be racist against. In fact, encouraged?

Over the last couple of days I couldn’t help but think of some of the racial statements that have been made over the last year that would have never been accepted if spoke by a non-black person. You see we are ruled by ‘politically correct’ language, however ‘PC’ is only applicable to certain people in our society.

If you’re a Chicago politician such as Congressman Rush (founder of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panthers) you can get away with saying anything you’d like. If anyone else had made the comments about lynching and racism as he did with Burris – everyone’s heads would have blown off.

How do you think the Senate would have responded if Senator Robert Byrd (ex-Exalted Cyclops of the KKK) had stood in front of a mic and made these types of comments about a white man? Do you think members would have rallied around him? Do you think the Senate would have felt pressured to give him his way? This is the ultimate double standard. The Black Panthers are nothing more than a black KKK – it’s ridiculous the way we allow these double standards to continue.

Bottom line. You cannot shame me into questioning whether or not I’m a racist, I know I am not and so do the people that know me and love me. So, I choose for this word to join the ranks of the words I do not utter – like the N word – words that are meant only to cause pain to the person the word is pointed at. I am not ashamed of my Country’s past, it’s not perfect but we have fought to make it better and for that I am proud of my Country. I do not owe anything to the black race. My ancestors never owned a slave (as Obama’s did), in fact my acestors were as poor as slaves and poverty in and of itself is enslavement. I learned very young – poor is not a color.

An excellent post at the Hotair Greenroom goes into some great detail into the vulnerability of  black men.

One thing black men are definitely vulnerable to is violent crime. Blacks represent about 14% of the general population, but they make up nearly half of murder victims. For decades, they have been thirty to forty percent more likely to suffer from violent crime than the general population. You will notice that white liberals are much more enthusiastic about springing black criminals from their “disproportionate levels of incarceration” than the law-abiding black citizens who must deal with them, once they’ve ditched their orange jumpsuits. The best things society could do to help innocent black men avoid being robbed and murdered are providing enhanced access to lawful, registered firearms for self-defense, more aggressive prosecution of the criminal element, and more police protection. Professor Gates is not doing black men any favors on the latter count, and I doubt they can expect much help from President Obama on the first two, even if he can get through the rest of his term without calling the police “stupid” on national television.

If you have time, please do read the entire article. It’s interesting.

Also, if you are not familiar with Ms. Frances Rice, Chairman of the National Black Republican she is an incredibly impressive woman and most certainly deserves more attention.

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The Racism Wolf

This morning I woke to the Yahoo headline;

Black scholar’s arrest raises profiling questions

However after reading the article I was not angry at the police for their horrible treatment of this man – I was angry at yet another case of crying wolf.

Supporters of a prominent Harvard University black scholar who was arrested at his own home by police responding to a report of a break-in say he is the victim of racial profiling.

There was no racial profiling here.

Cambridge police say they responded to the well-maintained two-story home near campus after a woman reported seeing “two black males with backpacks on the porch,” with one “wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry.”

Mr. Gates own attorney stated that he had forced the front door open because it was jammed. So, it appears that the call that came in was accurate.

By the time police arrived, Gates was already inside. Police say he refused to come outside to speak with an officer, who told him he was investigating a report of a break-in.

“Why, because I’m a black man in America?” Gates said, according to a police report written by Sgt. James Crowley.

Mr. Gates this had nothing to do with you being a black man in America. The police were doing their job and if you were white, black, green or purple they would have wanted you to come outside and prove that you belonged in the house.  Anyone with a security system in their house that has had the alarm go off and the police show up know the drill.

Mr. Gates you are a Director at Harvard so obviously an intelligent man that has worked hard. Why on earth would you make such ridiculous claims? More importantly why would you and the race baiting Al Sharpton want to continue to protray to the young black people that no matter what they do they will never be treated without bias – just give up it’s not worth it. Is this how you choose to be a role model, by crying wolf? By pretending to be a victim you minimize the people that may actually be, it’s disgraceful.

The article makes it sound like every black man in Cambridge is a target, however the author only came up with one incident in 2004. This is a pattern?

Some of Gates’ African-American colleagues say the arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge.

Allen Counter, who has taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years, said he was stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification.

We all understand that Al Sharpton is in the business of “racism” and of course does not want anyone to believe that they are equal – it would put him out of business. What is your excuse Mr. Gates? 

Of couse Al Sharpton will be at Mr. Gates arraignment and once again I ask when will this racial outrage be shown for the 2 black babies that were sexually molested by Frank Lombard? Mr. Sharpton?

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Duke University Fires Frank Lombard

But that’s all they’re saying according to The Chronicle:

Frank Lombard, who was arrested by the FBI in June on child sex abuse charges, was let go by the University Tuesday. Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, confirmed that Lombard is no longer a Duke employee.

The University originally placed Lombard on unpaid administrative leave following his June 24 arrest. Schoenfeld declined to comment further on the decision to terminate Lombard’s employment.

Of course Mr. Schoenfeld declined to comment – NO ONE IS COMMENTING!

And yes, Al Sharpton is still dancing………………

And Frank Lombards sonsvictims are still wondering when someone is going to stand up for them.

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Where is Al Sharpton? Frank Lombards sons are looking for you!

A 5 year old has been molested at least 100 times over years (according to court documents) and of course Al is all over this, right?

Duke University is being overwhelmed with the protestors, right?

It is unconscionable how little attention is being paid to this case! Frank Lombard supplied photos of the child to an undercover officer, there is a witness that has seen videos of the molestation, there are chat logs in which Frank admits that he adopted this child TO MOLEST HIM.

Oh wait, that’s right all the cameras are pointed at anything Michael Jackson. So of course, that’s where Al is at.

Seems ironic that so much attention is being paid to the death of an accused black pedophile, while a young black boy is being molested with no one paying any attention.

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