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VA – Government Efficiency


Hundreds of veterans lined up outside the regional office of the Veterans Administration in San Diego today. They were there to pick up an advance on their GI Bill checks.

The VA is behind on processing about 30,000 applications for benefits under the new GI Bill. As a stop gap measure, the agency offered to issue emergency checks of up to $3,000 to vets who have already started college and need the money to cover rent and food.

Because it’s so much more efficient to issue 2 checks instead of just writing the checks they’re waiting for???


And these goobers acting like they’re delivering the Publishers Clearing House prizes – standing there with big smiles while our Veterans stand in line like they’re waiting for the soup kitchen…………….


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Paul Curtman – An American Hero

I haven’t heard anyone say it better.

“We have something in common. We both at one time took an oath to defend the Constitution. Her oath took her to Washington. My oath took me overseas with a rifle.”

It such a shame that our soldiers are put in a position that they have to explain the Constitution to our members of Congress. It’s scary that he seems to understand and respect this document more than our elected officials.  

My favorite quote from the second clip.

“They should be held accountable.”

I hope we’re looking at Claire McCaskills’ replacement.

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THIS Is How We Take Care Of Our Soldiers

According to CBS 11 / TXA 21;

Last week, 20-year-old Colton Read, who grew up in Arlington and who’s now in the U. S. Air Force, went to have laparoscopic surgery to remove his gall-bladder at David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base near Sacramento.

She says his Air Force general surgeon mistakenly cut her husband’s aortic valve, but waited hours to transport him to a state hospital which has a vascular surgeon. “It took them until 5:30 to get him to UC Davis.. I don’t understand.”

Because Read lost so much blood during that time, doctors had to amputate both legs. His mother sobbed, “I watched him take his first steps, and now his legs are gone.”

Not only does Colton still have his gall bladder – doctors can’t remove his gall bladder for fear of infection – the family cannot sue the military because of federal law Feres Doctrine.

But, we’re going to take care of our soldier now that we’ve cut off both his legs – right?


For now, Read’s wife says the military may place him on medical retirement… In which he’ll likely receive less than half his $1600 monthly salary. “I can’t understand why they won’t help him when they did this to him.”

Jessica and Colton Read

Jessica and Colton Read

They deserve better.


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